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Local Business


Your Entire Web Presence, in Reach

Consumers are searching for and engaging with local businesses on many sites across the Web. So how can you make sure they’re finding you? Introducing SearchCast: everything you need to optimize your Web Presence and get discovered in more places online.

SearchCast is a powerful combination of proprietary technology and expert service that manages your entire Web Presence – so you can focus on running your business. Armed with experience in SEO, social media marketing, and reputation management, your dedicated Web Presence Professional (WPP) consults with you to create and execute the perfect Web Presence strategy.

What does your WPP do for you?

Sets up your social profiles, online directories, and a custom Cast page that serves as your content and conversation hub

Creates and casts unique content about your business (e.g., tips, offers, updates, photos, videos, etc.) across the Web

Listens for mentions, comments, and reviews of your business and engages consumers where they are talking about you online

Utilizes built-in tracking and reporting to analyze your online footprint and develop new content and engagement tactics

More Content. More Places. More Customers.

Search Discovery

What’s the easiest way to get found online? Cast a stream of fresh content that search engines and consumers love. Your WPP builds and manages your search-optimized Web Presence, so more consumers discover your content online. That means more conversions and leads for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Your WPP posts a wealth of share-worthy content that drives word of mouth and boosts online referrals. Helpful tips, entertaining stories, exclusive offers, and more compel your followers not only to act on your content, but to also share it so that it spreads virally across their networks.

Conversation and Reputation Management

When you know what’s being said about you online, you can be part of the conversation. That’s why your WPP uses our proprietary Radar feature to monitor the Web for mentions about your business. Your WPP alerts you to any negative comments or reviews and spreads positive content that promotes a glowing online reputation.